This document explains the rules and regulations that the students agree to abide by when they register for services and courses provided by Wisdom Business Academy (Pvt) Ltd. Please read these terms and conditions carefully before registering with Wisdom. Registering with Wisdom indicates that you understand and accept these terms and conditions.

This document might be updated from time to time and the current version will be posted on the Wisdom website.

Refund Policy

  • Registration fee and course fees paid to Wisdom Business Academy shall NOT be refunded under any circumstances.

Course / Session Transfers Policy
  • All transfer requests shall be considered at the sole discretion of the management after an evaluation of the request submitted with proper evidence.
  • Transfer request of CIMA Certificate level, Professional levels (OTQ), ACCA Knowledge level and ACCA Skills level shall be accepted only during the first month from the course commencement date and no requests shall be accepted or considered thereafter
  • Any such transfers shall be entertained only if the payment is made in full and shall not be entertained for part payments.
  • Transfer of fees is subject to a proportionate deduction from the full fee paid, considering the number of lessons conducted and material obtained.
  • • Course fees paid for CIMA Case Study shall not be transferred under any circumstance.
Payment Policy
  • Part payments on course fees shall be granted purely on management discretion and the students are expected to make the payments on the due dates. Failing, a penalty fee of 10% -15% shall be added to the due amount
  • Any foreign currency related payments collected by Wisdom on behalf of any professional body / university partner / qualification authority out of Sri Lanka, will be processed in the LKR equivalent value calculated with the prevailing exchange rates published by the Hatton National Bank. Hence, it is subject to revision at the time of the payment transfer to the respective professional body / university partner / qualification authority outside Sri Lanka. Processing of such payments may be delayed depending on the processing time taken by the professional body / institution or by Hatton National Bank to remit the funds.
  • Any such adverse impacts on forex rate changes that occurred due to any of the aforesaid reasons should be reimbursed by the students, parents or sponsors and shall not be a liability of Wisdom Business Academy.
Privacy Policy
  • By submitting your application form, you are permitting Wisdom to send you any communication / information regarding their products, services and offers. Wisdom may disclose your personal data to any authority if required for legitimate reasons.

More information on the data protection and privacy policy can be located here.

Visa Applications
  • Any international students planning to arrive in Sri Lanka for studies at Wisdom will have to take full responsibility to comply with any visa requirement applicable to them.
  • Wisdom under any circumstances will not be responsible for the visa process nor will be liable for any visa refusals. However, any international student wishing to commence full time studies at Wisdom can request a letter of studentship confirmation addressed to the Department of Immigration and Emigration, upon completing the full payment of the relevant program
Examination Results
  • The respective professional body / university / qualification authority is involved in gathering students’ data through the registration submission.
  • By signing this document, students agree to permit Wisdom to gather and receive examination results from these parties for analysis purposes.
Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • Students enrolled at Wisdom will receive their credentials (within 24 hours) to access the Wisdom Learning Management System (LMS).
  • It is mandatory that students keep their LMS credentials confidential, and they can be used only on two devices. Sharing credentials, copying, and distributing Wisdom resources are not allowed. If such an incident is reported, Wisdom has the right to carry out an inquiry and if found guilty, will proceed to terminate the LMS account immediately. Further, such misconduct shall be reported to the ethics committee of the professional bodies.
  • Students will have the LMS induction prior to the course commencement. Wisdom will grant LMS access for an additional two months after the course completion. Students may purchase the required subject for one month via the Wisdom website for further extension
  • However, Case Study access will expire after the registered exam window
  • Students can get the extensions for a maximum period of 1 year. Thereafter, students are required to enroll as a new candidate at Wisdom.
Timetables and Session Plans
  • Wisdom publishes the timetable on the website www.wisdombuisness.com/timetable on a weekly basis. Any amendments to the standard timetable can be viewed on the website. Students are expected to check the same on a weekly basis.
  • Management reserves the right to change the timetable from time to time on exceptional circumstances which shall be notified to students in advance.
  • For any clarifications with regards to the timetable, students may contact the Course Coordinator between 9.30 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.
Recordings and Materials
  • Students will have the video recordings of the online sessions (only) for 14 days. These recordings are NOT downloadable. Students should not violate the intellectual property rights of Wisdom by illegally downloading these recordings.
  • Wisdom expects students to refer to the recordings before the next scheduled session. However, if further extension is required, students are expected to purchase the sessions on-demand through the Wisdom website.
  • Study materials for both on-campus and online students are available on the LMS whereas on-campus students are encouraged to print and keep a hard copy at the lecture
Technical Requirements / Browser / Internet Speed
  • It is recommended to use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge with a 512KBps internet speed to use the LMS.
  • Students should have access to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Pdf on their devices to access the LMS contents.
Student Guidelines
  • At least 80% attendance is expected from all students, and this will be strictly monitored.
  • Within the Wisdom premises, students are expected to produce the “Student ID” when required by the Wisdom staff. Students who do not possess the “Student ID” shall not be permitted to attend lectures unless special permission is obtained from the management.
  • Students are expected to provide their full name and correct contact details when registering and are expected to inform the registrations department of any changes.
  • All students are expected to be at the lecture session before the start time.
  • For online students, it is required to login at least 15 minutes prior to the start time to avoid last minute technical challenges
  • Students are required to keep their mobile phones either switched off or in silence mode during lectures
Student Conduct
  • Students are required to maintain high standards of discipline and should not engage in loud disruptive conversations or any act of misbehavior/ misconduct while at Wisdom premises, or during online live sessions.
  • All on-campus students are required to come in decent attire which is fit and proper for a professional student. No student will be permitted inside the campus premises with inappropriate attire.
  • Students must ensure that their behavior within Wisdom premises does not cause any property damage or vandalism..
  • All students are expected to be at the lecture session before the start time.
  • For online students, it is required to login at least 15 minutes prior to the start time to avoid last minute technical challenges
  • Discipline should be maintained in all official Wisdom social media and chat groups.
  • Strict action shall be taken if any student is found guilty of any unacceptable behavior, any act of misconduct or misbehavior, and / or property damage or defacement, and the management reserves the right to discontinue / expel such students from the course with or without a refund of the fees paid, upon carrying out an inquiry.

I hereby declare that the information given in the application is correct to the best of my knowledge and I have read and understood and agree to comply with all terms and conditions mentioned in the attached document.

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