Wisdom Business Academy, holding the highest market share among CIMA tuition providers in Sri Lanka. Over the past 22+ years, Wisdom has the highest student enrolments and recognized as the most respected and largest CIMA tuition provider in Sri Lanka and South Asia, earning the title as "The specialist in CIMA education:

Fulfilling its mission to provide the opportunity for quality CIMA education to students both locally and internationally, coupled with the noble intention of maintaining its high-quality service provision, Wisdom has taken some revolutionary steps in the professional education arena and has set the benchmark to other private education providers to follow in its footprints. Wisdom's results itself speaks for its merits, where above average pass rates are produced year on year.

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Who We Are...

Since our inception in 2002, Wisdom Business Academy has strived to provide the highest level of quality in CIMA education. Our high-quality service and teaching are evident in achievements such as Global Premium Learning Partner status of Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA-UK), ISO 9001:2015 certification and producing over 194+ prize winners to 213+ CIMA prize winners. Wisdom also enjoys more than 70% of the CIMA market share in Sri Lanka and is officially recognised by CIMA as the largest CIMA Business School in Sri Lanka.

In addition to the provision of CIMA, we have partnered with prestigious international universities such as University of South Australia to provide several undergraduate and postgraduate degrees connected with the CIMA qualification. Wisdom Business Academy is also the exclusive partner for Sri Lanka for Kaplan, UK where Wisdom students get access to official CIMA learning material.

Message From CEO

With a lifelong track record providing education opportunities to students in the UK and across the world, we and the team Wisdom Business Academy are delighted to welcome students studying our esteemed qualifications.

For now more than 22+ years, Wisdom is at the forefront of bringing first class learning opportunities to students in Sri Lanka and beyond its shores. Building on this excellent foundation, students who achieve a qualification through studying with us, can be sure that this will carry them through to the next stage of their career plans by opening new doors and providing wider opportunities both in Sri Lanka and globally.

We assure all our students of the highest quality study experience delivered by our highly experienced lecturers who are experts in their fields. We look forward to supporting our students towards their goals and celebrating this success at graduation and beyond.

wisdom about section


Years of Excellence


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CIMA Prize Winners


CIMA Graduates

Our Vision

Building Competencies – Changing Lives

Our Mission

To provide unmatched and reliable educational services to students and to be the best Graduate Business School, through establishing a culture that empowers and supports our team members to maintain world class performance

Our Values

Develop Business Ethically and With Integrity

We do what is right

Empower and Invest in Team

We strive to attract and retain great people. We provide opportunities for collaboration and growth that benefit our team

Deliver on Pledges

Reliability and quality are essential for our educational service, driving us to consistently honor our commitments

Mutual Respect and Trust

Respect each other and everyone with whom we work

Continuous Improvement

We diligently pursue excellence to deliver value to our customers, partners, investors and employees

Our Partners

Wisdom Business Academy is a renowned teaching partner for professional qualifications. Wisdom is partnered with several prestigious international universities in UK and Australia to provide undergraduate and postgraduate degrees connected with CIMA and ACCA qualification.

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