Wisdom Business Academy is committed to providing a learning environment for students and considers student complaints as an opportunity to review and improve policies and practices as well as to understand student satisfaction levels. Wisdom handles complaints with minimum distress and maximum protection to all parties. As a part of its commitment to creating a supportive and open organizational culture, Wisdom is committed to ethical and responsible management and transparency in its decision-making process. This policy applies to all aspects of a student’s educational experience at Wisdom.

Wisdom has a clear and fair complaint process, and all complaints will be recorded and dealt with according to the ISO 9001: 2015 quality standards.

Students have several ways of making a complaint,

Feedback box: Located at the Wisdom front office.

Face-to-face : At the Wisdom premises

Email :


: +94 11 739 5000 between 9.30 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. Sri Lanka time

: Manager Student Services (Ext: 1)

: Manager Academic Programs (Ext:2)

: Manager Learning Support (Ext:4)

Web contact :

Social media :

Facebook and Instagram

Students may make a complaint about,

  • Other Wisdom students
  • Academic and support staff
  • Visitors
  • External personnel connected to Wisdom and/or its programs and operations.
  • Facilities / Services
  • Academic / Administrative procedures

Handling Complaints

  • Where appropriate, complaints will be resolved informally at the lowest possible level of management. However, depending on the level of severity of the complaint, appropriate level of management will be consulted
  • All informal complaints will be responded to within 3 business days or immediately depending on the time required to deal with each complaint. If the resolution cannot be provided within the above time frame, an approximate number of days to expect the response should be indicated
  • Wisdom staff members are responsible for recording the complaint, responding appropriately and should take all complaints seriously.
  • Students will get a conformable envirment to lodge their complaint whilst Wisdom will maintain its confidentiality.
  • Students are advised to meet the respective staff members to have a face-to-face discussion regarding the course, its delivery, examinations, or any other issue or concerns to reach the best possible outcome
  • Wisdom will not accept anonymous complaints unless a serious amount of information and evidence is provided.
  • All parties implicated in a complaint will be informed about the complaint with the specifics of the allegation being made. Each party will get an opportunity to respond to the allegation and fairness will be observed.
  • Wisdom is unbiased and fair and thus, if any staff member may have any conflicts of interest, they will be removed from the process.
  • If the complaint cannot be authentic, and no action is taken, the outcome will be informed to the complainant.
  • All students will receive a written correspondence on the outcome of the complaint.
  • An informal discussion form will be given to the student after the discussion with the discussion points and outcome.

Formal Complaints

  • If students are not satisfied with the outcome, they can make a formal complaint by filling out the formal complaint form obtained from the Wisdom front office via email or as a hard copy.
  • The completed form should be handed over to the Operations Manager or emailed to
  • The Manager will respond to the formal complaint within four working days and the results to be communicated via email.
  • Wisdom attends complaints promptly with maximum protection to all parties.

Our Partners

Wisdom Business Academy is a renowned teaching partner for professional qualifications. Wisdom is partnered with several prestigious international universities in UK and Australia to provide undergraduate and postgraduate degrees connected with CIMA and ACCA qualification.

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